Dave Olsen is a retired Boeing executive with a long career in Aerospace in which he served in leadership positions on numerous aerospace programs including, the AC/130U Gunship, Airborne Laser, National Missile Defense C-17 Globemaster, and others. He also spent two years as a Senior Scientist in Residence at CIA Headquarters in Langley, VA, and performed research on Infrared Focal Plane arrays used in space surveillance at the Rockwell Science Center in Thousand Oaks California.

Prior to his Aerospace career, he worked as a biomedical engineer for over ten years at the Brain Research Institute, a division of the UCLA medical center. During that time he served as the Chief Engineer for UCLA on the NASA Biosatellite D program which served as a forerunner to extended manned spaceflight programs concerned with the physiological effects of prolonged weightlessness on man.

In his private life, he is an adventurer and skilled mariner. He currently resides with his wife Sandie
dividing their time between their home in Niceville, Florida, and their ranch in the Black Hills of South Dakota. He holds Bachelor’s and Masters Degrees in Engineering from UCLA.