In this sequel to Suspected, the core members of the cast return to Jayu where they are augmented by new members.

The story follows Grady White, Deputy Director of the FBI, as he forms a task force to fight global cybercrime. As White begins to understand the intricacies and deep levels of talent the North Koreans commit to their cyber efforts, he realizes he needs a source within the North Korean Reconnaissance General Bureau, (RGB), a state-run organization of cyber criminals.

After first assisting his parents to escape, White develops a plan to entice Choi Ji-hoon, a North Korean polymath hacker into switching sides. Working for the RGB, and reporting directly to Kim Jong-un, he is accused of abetting his parents defection, landing him in a prison camp.

With White’s assistance, Choi eventually escapes and defects to the west, joining the FBI Cybercrime Task Force, and ends up leading a raid on the RGB intending to destroy their computer infrastructure. This highly plausible story is entirely fiction, but filled with action and detail of the inner workings of cyber warfare.

Once safely in the US, Choi develops an ingenious plan, approved by POTUS that is a highlight of the story. White remains steadfast in his efforts to build a team from an organization of North Korean defectorsto attack and destroy the RGB computing infrastructure using readily available third world weapons.

Why this Book Matters

In the face of international threats, cybercrime stands out as the one front where the United States faces its greatest challenge – its ability to combat threats. Competing against countries like Russia, China and North Korea, that invest heavily in training cyber hackers from the early ages of 10 or 11, the U.S. struggles to entice, train and keep talent in cyberspace. With over one million cybersecurity jobs remaining unfilled, the U.S. has a unique challenge in building a collaborative effort between education, industry and government to raise to a higher level of importance this increasingly unfilled career path and field of expertise. Aside from being a riveting read, JAYU takes the reader through multiple aspects of this challenging and critical insight.

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