The waning years of the Soviet Union during the mid eighties through the early nineties were tumultuous by anyone’s estimation. Desperate to keep pace with the technological advances of the Reagan Administration’s SDI initiative, the Soviets were literally bankrupting their country. Espionage activities were at fever pitch. Beginning in 1985, a wholesale recall to Moscow of the West’s Soviet Assets, Russian spies working for the Americans and her allies, meant there had to be one or more moles operating in the US Intelligence agencies, most likely the CIA. A frenzied mole hunt resulted, naming virtually hundreds of suspects, all but a few who were completely innocent.

Suspected is the story of one such individual, based in part on a true account of a former CIA contract employee, who, in the story, almost lost his life being pursued by the CIA, KGB (SVR), GRU and a rogue security officer at the firm he worked for. A fast paced and exciting story with significant content based on fact, it also bares the grievous theme of what happens to the lives and careers of the innocent men and women tainted by simply being pursued as a suspect, who were callously considered collateral damage by mole hunters.

Suspected will be available for purchase on in September 2023

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