Doug Owens – suspect pursued by CIA and rogue Rockwell Security Chief

Maria – Doug’s love interest, becomes his wife

Grady White – FBI Deputy Director, head of Cybercrime Task Force, Owens benefactor

POTUS – President of the United States

Richard Ingram – CIA Director pursuing Owens

Sam Doidge – CIA Analyst, Owens friend at CIA

William, “Bull” Connors – Director of Security at Rockwell Anaheim, former FBI Agent, Owen’s nemesis

Bob Andrews – Deputy Director of Security under Connors, Owen’s friend

Dr. James Brown – Owen’s boss at CIA

Aldridge Ames – the mole

Gary Burnett – Program Manager, Rockwell/Boeing, Owen’s Boss on Gunship

Dr. Vladimir Zuyev – Director of the Soviet Institute of Atmospheric Physics in Tomsk, Siberia

POTUS (President Of The United States) – General Raymond Nakamura, US Army, Head of US Cyber Command, Director of NSA

Major General Lee Evans – US Army – In Charge of Raid

General Seong Han-gyeol S. Korean Major General – Deputy to Evans. Head of North Korean defector forces conducting the raid.

Brigadier General Phil Hodges – US Army in charge of design, construction of Training Model/testing operations in S. Dakota

Narayan Burman – developer of E-Bomb prototype while a student at The Engineering Academy in Mumbai, India

Seong Dae-hyun – brother of General Seong Han-gyeol, Vogo executive, boat captain and pilot during the raid

Grady White – Deputy FBI Director in charge of FBI Cybercrime Task Force – later promoted to US Attorney General

Maria Owens – wife of Doug, Aide to Grady White with numerous assignments, friend of Choi Mi-sun involved with family defector, Ghost aAuthor of biography written to influence North Korean youth on advantages of living in America

Doug Owens – former scientist with Rockwell/Boeing, Cyber forensics team leader on Cybercrime Task Force, replaces for White following promotion

Richard Ingram – Deputy Director CIA, liaison between FBI, CIA and Justice Dept providing Intelligence for indictments against Black-Hat Hackers

Sam Doidge – former CIA analyst, FBI Cybercrime Task Force team recruiter, in charge of E-Bomb procurement, recruitment of young polymath interns working for FBI on attribution

William Connors – FBI Agent in charge of bad-actor data base supporting Justice Dept. litigation

Frank Alden – FBI Task Force Chief of Security

Hyon Kyu-young (nee Choi Ji-hoon – North Korean defector) – classmate with Owens pursuing a masters degree in cybercrime forensics, member of FBI Cybercrime Task Force, leader of Raid.

Choi Mi-sun – K-pop Singing star, older sister of Choi Ji-hoon, involved in her own defection, and that of her parents and her brother, close friend of Maria

General Raymond Nakamura, US Army – Head of US Cyber Command, Director of NSA, becomes US President

Zhao Chia-Hao – Chinese Embassy Officer, becomes President of China upon death of Xi Jinping

Zhao Kai-ming – daughter of Chai-Ho, Rhodes Scholar, future wife of Tomás Aguilar

Grady White – US Attorney General becomes US Vice President

Maria Owens wife of Doug, aide to Grady White

Doug Owens – former engineer with Rockwell/Boeing, leader of Cyber crime Task Force, replaces White as Director of FBI

Tomás (Tommy) Aguilar – Member of FBI Cybercrime Task Force, future husband of Kai-ming Zhao

Richard Ingram – Deputy Director CIA, becomes Director of CIA

Lt. General Steve Berman – Director DIA

Ehmet Tursun – Uyghur attorney from Xinjiang now living in WDC, Author of book detailing his incarceration and torture by the Chinese, influences Uyghurs to assist in attack on ASAT facilities.

Lei-mei – Head of both the CIA Reconnaissance and Special Ops teams sent to Xijiang to sabotage Chinese ASATs

Bailal – Uyghur tribesman, guide and integral member of teams sent to surveil and attack ASATs

Choi Ji-hoon – North Korean defector, Former member of FBI Cybercrime Task Force, leader of raid on North Korean RGB, Deputy to Interim North Korean president with downfall of Kim Jong-un.

Viktor Mikhailov – Russian snoop who uncovers the ASAT sabotage plot