Each of the books has its share of adventures.

In Suspected, Owens and his wife-to-be, Maria, travel throughout Europe with the KGB relentlessly in pursuit. A few chapters later, White and Owens travel to the collapsing Soviet Union clandestinely from Belarus to Tomsk, Siberia, and on to Vladivostok. And, leading up to the book’s climax, the FBI pursues Connors, a rogue agent who attempts to kill Owens, in a manhunt down the eastern seaboard and throughout the Caribbean.

There is plenty of action in Jayu as well with the defection of Choi Ji-hoon’s parents from N. Korea, followed by his escape from a prison camp and perilous flight in the Sea of Japan aboard a small fishing boat. Portions of the story take place in Mumbai, India, and in the Dakota’s in preparation for the raid on the North Korean RGB Headquarters to disable their cybercrime infrastructure.

The intrigue in Beware the Sleeping Dragon is also intense, with preparation for war between the two superpowers, the US and China. The story culminates in a daring raid on the Chinese Anti- Satellite (ASAT) high-energy laser facilities in the remote western province of Xinjiang, China, along the famed Silk Road.