The Trilogy

Suspected is the story of a CIA analyst suspected of being a mole, who is exonerated through the efforts of a FBI Deputy Director who champions his defense. The setting, in the late 1980’s, involves the assination of assets (Soviets spying for the US) identified by the mole.

Jayu deals with defeating cybercrime as practiced by the RGB, a criminal organization reporting directly for the North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un whose proceeds finance their nuclear and missile development programs. The story centers on Choi Ji-hoon, originally a RGB hacker who defects to the west and is instrumental in destroying the RGB computing infrastructure in a raid using E-bombs.

Beware the Sleeping Dragon, is a highly suspenseful fictional account of the conflict between China and the West over Taiwan. The story involves a secretive friendship between White, a lead protagonist in the first two novels, and a Chinese embassy official who becomes the leader of China. The evolution of the cast, with some but not all of the same members, and the addition of others, adds an interesting transition between the books.